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Looking to Jump-start Your Career in Retail? This Course Will Set You Apart from Your Competition

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The retail industry includes all types of stores and marts, including e-commerce platforms, that bring sellers and buyers to one place. In India, retail is the second-largest source of modern jobs after construction. If a career in the retail industry is something that interests you, then a personal grooming course is a great way to get started. Here's how the industry started and what you need to enter it.

You could say that people have been sharing, selling, bartering, exchanging, and consuming resources for nearly as long they have existed. Right from the Great Exhibition in 1851 inaugurated by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert held at the Crystal Palace, the industry has only grown. The palace housed consumer goods from around the world. Millions of people came to window shop and get a glimpse of modern design and technology which opened their eyes to what this new industrial world could offer.

Now, from the United Kingdom to back home in India, post-liberalization, the economy opened up, and a new large middle class with spending power had emerged, which helped shape this industry. India has moved from the traditional terms of 'haat bazaars' and 'Mandis' to the globally accepted supermarkets.

The retail industry is set to grow very rapidly in the coming years as more and more Indians seek modern shopping experiences such as buying goods from malls and supermarkets ".  With this expansion, comes a host of new job opportunities for women.

Did you know? For over 70 percent of the most commonly sold products such as food, soap, shampoo, detergents, the person who makes the decision to purchase is a woman. All this time, the sellers have been mainly men but today, companies in retail realize that women don’t just know what to buy, they also deeply understand how to sell and manage retail outlets   This is why it is becoming increasingly common to see women work as cashiers, sales assistants, and shop managers.

So, what are some important characteristics companies look for in hiring women for retail jobs? Companies in the retail sector such as Big Bazaar, Shoppers Stop, and D Mart are continuously trying to understand how to attract, engage, and retain customers. And to do so, it not only essential for their employees to have a pleasant personality but also to be well-groomed. Grooming is the process of making yourself presentable for work.  So, to help you make your way into this ancient, yet extremely modern industry, we bring you a course that will teach you how to be groomed, give you a couple of personal care tips, help improve your body language and give you the basics in etiquette.

Start learning Grooming tips to enter the retail sector and be ready for the next job interview

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