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Looking for Real Work from Home Opportunities? Here Are a Few Options for You

work from home opportunities

The number of employed women is on a significant rise, and this trend is not only visible in the metros but across India. However, we are nowhere close to being the leading nation in terms of women in the workforce. We have not moved out of the ‘it’s a man’s world’ phase yet because job opportunities are generally concentrated in a few cities and localities and work hours are generally fixed. For many female students, it is very challenging to travel long distances late evenings after college to get work experience necessary for applying to jobs later on. For many women with families to look after, leaving the house and kids to work in an office for eight to nine hours in a day is an impossible task.  

Now, imagine if you didn't have to do that! Imagine, the couch in your home is the office chair, your travel to a corner in your living room, and your kitchen, being the office pantry. We're not saying this makes life more comfortable, but it could help make it a bit simpler to get to work. Here are 3 job opportunities that help women strike a balance between working and studying or any type of responsibility because they can all be done from home.

1) Wonk Tutor

If teaching is your dream, then here’s how you can make it a reality starting today. Wonk is a platform that helps parents find tuition teachers, known as tutors, for their children. A Wonk tutor job involves teaching an individual or group of students virtually, at their home or your own home. You pick the subject you are an expert in, be it maths, a language, or even dance. The best part is, you can work as per your schedule and convenience.

Link: https://www.glowandlovelycareers.in/en/exciting-jobs/teaching-jobs

2) Sheroes MARS

Sheroes Mars is a platform that helps connect women with work from home opportunities in the space of Customer Support and Telemarketing for larger companies. Mars stands for Managed Remote Solutions, and this program analyses your availability, skills, readiness, and interests and gives you access to opportunities after a certification process.

Link:  https://www.glowandlovelycareers.in/en/exciting-jobs/sheroes-mars-work-from-home

3) Work from Home Internships by Internshala

Getting an internship is an important way to gain work experience, and if you can complete an internship from home while you still a student, it will improve your resume. Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) has partnered with Internshala to list several virtual or work from home internship opportunities in diverse fields, such as social media marketing, graphic design, and telesales. 

Link:  https://www.glowandlovelycareers.in/en/exciting-jobs/internships

Start experiencing the benefits of working from home with these exciting opportunities.