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Love Photography? Here’s How You Can Make it Your Career

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Did you buy your smartphone just because of its camera? Are you that friend in your group who takes the best pictures? Then, the thought of taking up photography as a career may have crossed your mind. We are here to tell you what you should do to become a successful photographer.

There are many different types of photographers: wedding photographers, fashion photographers, art photographers, newspaper photographers etc. Depending upon the type of photography that interests you, you will be working in or outside a studio. For example, fashion photographers work in a studio while wildlife photographers have to travel deep into the jungles.

You do not need an educational degree to become a photographer. However, it is a good idea to do some course to improve your technical abilities like adjusting light manually, understanding various types of camera lens etc. There are many free online photography courses available. A quick search on Google will help find some of the best photography courses. 

Use these tips to help you if you want to pursue professional photography:

1. Just Get Started

Invest in a good quality camera and start taking pictures. If you cannot purchase a brand new camera, you can always buy a second-hand camera or rent a camera on weekends. But, regularly taking pictures is necessary. Study your photos and make a note of the images you like. Ask yourself why you like a particular picture. What makes it better than the others?

2. Follow Photography Blogs

Try and understand basic photography terms like composition and exposure. A Google search will give you the list of the top 10 photography websites and blogs to follow. It is important for you to learn the language of photographers to become a professional one yourself.

3. Understand Your Camera

A serious photographer should know her camera as well as she knows her best friend. You should know all its secrets and limitations. For example: Does your camera have a time-lapse feature? You will find many tutorial videos on YouTube explaining the settings of your camera. Use this knowledge to take outstanding pictures. 

4. Master Lighting

Photography comes from two Greek words that together mean “drawing with light”. Great pictures come from great lighting. To get clients to hire you, you should know how to shoot a variety of styles using lighting effectively. A good photography course will help you master lighting.

5. Seek Mentors

Search for the best photographers on Facebook and Instagram. Connect with them. Take their feedback on the pictures taken by you. Look out for internship opportunities with leading photographers. It will help you gain valuable experience and understand how to deal with the clients as a professional photographer.

6. Build Online Portfolio

Clients will typically ask for your work sample before hiring you for a photography project. Having a website that features some of the best pictures taken by you will help you win their trust quickly. There are many free website templates available online. Search how to make a free website on Google to get started.

7. Promote Yourself

Start a professional photography page on Facebook or Instagram. Upload at least one picture every day. Be approachable and describe your experiences as a professional photographer. Tell people how they can contact you for your services as a professional photographer.