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Moving to a new city: How to adjust and feel comfortable

Moving to a new city: How to adjust and feel comfortable

A lot of women migrate from villages and rural areas of the country to cities in relation to their jobs or education. Most of these women find it difficult to adapt to the city lifestyle and struggle a lot in the initial phase of migration. Here are some tips to help them feel comfortable sooner into moving to a new city:

Be prepared before reaching the new city

The best way to feel less alien in a new city is to research about the place well and understand your locality and important places before you reach there. Make a note of every important landmark, modes of transportation, places to eat, stay and more so that you don’t feel completely unfamiliar on reaching the place.

Contact friends and relatives in the city (if any)

Make sure you reach out to any friends and relatives you have in the city you are moving to. They will help you with the initial settling process. It is always good to have contacts that you can rely on in a new place.

Treat it as an opportunity

Rather than getting nervous about the new environment, take it as an opportunity to explore and learn new things. New cultures, new lifestyles, new cuisines among others are things you can enjoy in the new city. So, change your mindset in a way that will help you look at things positively.

Moving to a new city: How to adjust and feel comfortable

Locate important places

Go around your new neighbourhood and find the nearest places where you can buy and access necessities from. You can choose to drive, walk around or ride around your place and find out where the nearest grocery, medical store, restaurant, post office, library, etc. are.


Moving to a new city_ How to adjust and feel comfortable



Reach out

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your neighbours, whether you live in a flat or an independent villa. Talk to people who stay next to your house as they are the ones who can be depended upon for any urgencies in the future.

Discover things that interest you

 Cities are usually places where you will easily find numerous things that interest you and are related to your hobbies. Be it a dance class, a cooking class, a reading session, sports clubs or anything like that, find things that keep you connected with people and keep you engaged.

Keep pieces from home

 If you are a very homesick person, then you can bring souvenirs from your home or your town that help you stay connected with the place. It could be a photo, a wall hanging, a curtain, a plant pot or anything else. The sight of these will keep you happy.

Stay motivated

 At a new place, far away from your hometown, it can get difficult to stay motivated and brave at all times. Try to stay in an environment that is positive and encouraging at all times so that you can gather the courage to face any negative situation that might come.

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