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National Education Policy: Promising Career Opportunity

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Teaching is considered a noble profession not just in India but also in the world. With the world becoming more digitally savvy, the scope of online teaching jobs for women is increasing.

It is expected that once the NEP is implemented, the demand for teachers may increase. This would also mean an increase in teaching jobs for women.

What is NEP

NEP is short for National Education Policy.  As per this policy, the Government plans to change the structure of the education system in India.

People expect this policy will bring in a lot of positive changes in the education structure of India. Make it more modern, relevant, and easy for Indians.

This policy has been designed after consulting nearly 2.5 lakh Gram Panchayats and more than 500 districts. Many people have contributed to this change in the education policy.

The consultation process was so in-depth that it went on for almost 7 years!

After almost 30 years, India’s education policy is going to change. And it is expected to change for the better!

In an interview, Ramesh Pokhriyal, Minister of Education, said that teachers are important in implementing this policy.

There are many interesting changes that this policy has proposed. These changes will have multiple benefits such as:

  1. It would be easier to become a teacher
  2. The demand for teachers in regional language may increase
  3. The need for teachers who are subject matter experts may increase
  4. The number of students may increase. This may lead to an increase in the demand for teachers.

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Let us look at some of the changes that NEP suggests:

  • Kids under the age group 3-6 will be included in school. This may create a demand for more teachers.
  • Teaching would be in mother tongue or local language. This would be applicable till grade 5.  This may also create more demand for teachers and subject matter experts.
  • Collaborations with foreign universities – The policy recommends allowing top-ranked Universities in the world to open campuses in our country. This may mean more teaching opportunities. Teachers may also find job opportunities abroad with this initiative. This may also lead to an increase in the demand for subject matter experts.
  • Innovative education centres to bring back those students who dropped out and did not complete their degrees: This will mean more students to teach. It will increase the demand for teachers.
  • This policy aims to achieve 100% youth and adult literacy: This may also add to the demand for teachers and subject matter experts.
  • Mphil as a degree may not exist anymore: This may mean getting teaching jobs would get easier.
  • The new system proposes 12 years of schooling and 3 years of Anganwadi/ pre-schooling.
  • There is a plan to make hiring more transparent. Promotions will also be more merit-based and transparent: This may also open new opportunities for teachers.
  • NEP has recommended setting an Indian Institute of Translation and Interpretation (III), National Institute (or Institutes) for Pali, Persian, and Prakrit, strengthening of Sanskrit: This may increase the demand for teachers and subject matter experts in this language
  • There are so many new changes that NEP has proposed. These changes will mean more opportunities and more jobs for women. There are many free online courses on teaching and teaching opportunities available on this site. To know more about these opportunities, you can click here.