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Preparing for Railways Exam? Get These Great Tips to Crack RRB NTPC CBT -1

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There are many benefits of a government job. After the introduction of the 6th Pay Commission, a government employee’s salary has become comparable with a private sector employee. There is also the added advantage of job security and fixed working hours. Are you keen on securing a government job with the Indian Railways after your final exams? We'll help you pass the entrance test with our useful tips and RRB NTPC preparation strategy. 

There are two types of Non-Technical Popular Category (NTPC) posts, i.e.  Graduate Posts and Undergraduate Posts. RRB NTPC CBT Stage 1 is a common exam for both. At this stage, the exam syllabus covers three subjects: General Awareness, General Intelligence & Reasoning, and Mathematics. The exam will be out of 100 marks. But, there is negative marking. You'll lose 1/3rd of your mark for every wrong answer.

General Awareness carries 40 marks. Use these tips to get a good score in this section. 

1. Read Newspapers 

Keep yourself updated with current affairs. Read the newspaper daily. Pay special attention to the latest events in the field of sports, politics, economics, and technology.

2. Make Flashcards 

You'll have to learn a lot of things by heart. Use flashcards to memorize countries’ capitals and currencies, information about books and authors, important awards and awardees, etc.    

3. Read NCERT Textbooks

This section will test your general knowledge. Prepare yourself with NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) textbooks on History, Geography, Civics, and Political Science. You must also know about the Indian Constitution, laws, economic policies, and the Parliament. 

General Intelligence & Reasoning section appears for 30 marks. Use the tips given below to secure a high score. 

1. Start With Easy Topics 

The topics covered in this section like Classification, Number and Alphabet Series, Analogy, Blood Relations, etc. are designed to test your common sense. They are easy to master. With regular practice, you’ll be able to solve these questions effortlessly. 

2. Understand the Concept 

You cannot start answering questions related to seating arrangements, syllogism, puzzles, etc. without understanding the theory behind them. Look at video tutorials to master complicated concepts.

3. Don’t Look for Shortcuts 

Learn and understand the steps involved in solving a problem instead of looking for shortcuts. It will help you absorb the concept thoroughly and remember it clearly. 

Mathematics carries 30 marks. Use the tips given below to ace it. 

1. Learn the Formulas 

The question paper tests you for high school level mathematics. You have to solve formula based questions like calculating the percentage, ratios, profits & loss, etc. Ensure that you know all the formulas by heart.

2. Develop Your Analytical Skills 

The section also includes problems that test your application skills. Problems relating to time, work, distance, speed, etc. will need you to use your logic along with the formulas. 

3. Practice

Simple calculations can become a time-consuming exercise if you are out of it. Train your mind to make quick calculations with regular practice. 

General tips to crack the RRB NTPC CBT 1

  1. Maintain an excellent balance of accuracy and speed.
  2. Prepare by taking mock RRP NTPC tests. 
  3. Read political magazines, newspapers, and yearbooks from popular publications.  
  4. Revise. 
  5. Take breaks and stay motivated.