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Inspirational Story of Rohini Rau - from Sailing to Medicine

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She is the youngest Doctor at the hospital. And not someone who takes easily no for an answer.  Meet this inspiring girl who has aced everything – from sailing to medicine!.

4 international medals. Around 30 gold medals. National gold medallist in sailing – every year for 8 years continuously. And multiple world championships – This pretty much sums Dr Rohini’s impressive sailing performance.

And her list of achievements is not over yet…..

  • She is a public speaker. A theatre artist. A mother.
  •  A medal winner in MBBS. The youngest doctor in Kauvery Hospital in Chennai.
  • And a health researcher on a National Geographic project !
  • She is also in the Top 50 achievers list of India Today…..The list just seems endless!

It will be easy to say that Rohini’s success story is one of the most inspiring stories of Indian girls  that we hear today.

Playing with the sea since she was a year old.                                  

Rohini’s mother had studied Marine Biology. So her mother used to go boating and take baby Rohini along.  That’s how Rohini developed a bond with the sea and sailing.

When she was in class 12, she bagged her first-ever gold medal in an international competition.  Rohini tried to manage both – her studies and her love for sailing.

But it was not easy…There was a time when Rohini failed!

During her board exams, Rohini failed in Maths during the prelims exams. So, the college decided not to allow her to appear for board exams

She requested and pleased with the authorities and finally, she was allowed. Rohini then worked so hard that she scored 86% in her exam. With just 3 months of studying!

Sailing, Sports and Medicine: The winning combination

Many people feel that Sports and Studies do not go well together. So students are usually told to concentrate only on one. It was no different for Rohini. Some expected her to sacrifice studies for sailing or studies for sailing. But once again, Rohini proved such a mentality wrong.

As a sports person, Rohini could apply for medicine through the sports quota. Eventually, her hard work did not go in vain. She got admission to a medical college with the help of her sports quota.

But now, she was expected to stop sailing to concentrate on medicine!

Rohini, however, was not in favour of this. Sailing had helped her get into a medical college, so it did not make sense to her to sacrifice that in favour of medicine. She decided to pursue both. 

She took part in 7 sailing championships in her first year!

But handling both - medicine and sailing were not easy. Rohini used to travel a distance of 3 hrs from her college to practice sailing for her championships. But Rohini was determined to succeed. 

Her world championship clashed with her first-year final exams. So, her college dean encouraged her to go ahead with the tournament. Here too, Rohini turned out to be a winner! Not only did she win the championship, but she also became a doctor in due course – Proving to the world that nothing is complicated for a girl when she sets her eyes on it.

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