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5 Successful Girls who are Rewriting Rules and Breaking age-old Myths

Success Stories

There are so many myths related to careers and jobs that some people keep repeating. Again and again, girls are told – specific careers suit girls, and other areas are not as suitable.

They are usually told that science, technology,  traditionally made dominated jobs do not suit girls.

None of this is true. Today a girl can choose any career she wants to and become successful in it. There are many success stories of girls who traditionally entered male-dominated areas and carved a name for themselves.

Here is a list of 5 such girls who are rewriting rules and breaking age-old myths:

Success Stories

  1. Saumya Vardhan:

Saumya left a promising career abroad to successful start her own business in India. Her business idea?  Called Shubhpuja.com., it’s a portal that helps people perform pujas online.

The business was so successful that within the first year itself, Shubhpuja.com had performed 6000 pujas online!  To read Saumya’s story, click here!

Success Stories

  1. Sanjal Gavande

When Sajal Gavande decided to take up mechanical engineering, some people around her were not confident. Few even thought: "Why Mechanical Engineering? She's a girl. Will she be able to handle it?" Sanjal, however, was optimistic about the career option she had chosen.

Not only did Sanjal excel as an engineer, but she also ended up designing a space rocket.

And she designed this rocket for none other than Amazon founder Jeff Bezos!

It is a myth that only specific careers options are suitable for girls. Career options for girls today are limitless. It is just about focusing and choosing something that matches their interests and skills.  To know more about Sanjal and her success story, click here!

Success Stories

  1. Navshri Thakur

Still, a high school student, 14-year-old Navshri has already won the NIF award for her innovation.

Using what she learnt in school during her science and physics class, this farmer’s daughter created an 8-in-1 device that can be used to reduce work in the kitchen. Some people have this belief that the field of science and technology is not suitable for girls. Navshri’s success story shows how incorrect this belief is. To know more about how this 14-year-old farmer’s daughter won the award, read her story here!

Success Stories

  1. Mehrunissha Shaukat

Mehrunissha is India’s first female bouncer. Coming from a conservative background, Mehrunissha had to face a lot of challenges. Her father did not even want Mehrunissha to study beyond the 5th standard.  He burnt her uniform when he came to know that she had joined NCC. But Mehrunissha was determined and sincere. She completed her MA in Hindi literature and took a bold decision to become a bouncer.  When her father suffered losses in his business, it was Mehrunisha who helped him. Today Mehrunisha takes care of her entire family of 8 people, including her parents. She is proud of the job that gave her respect and financial stability.  To know more about Mehrunissha Shaukat and her success story, click here!

Success Stories

  1. Dr Rohini Rau

Dr Rohini is an all-rounder.  From medicine to sailing…Dr Rohini has excelled in any area she chooses to focus on. When she was told that sailing is not for women, Rohini just responded by winning a load of gold medals and a championship. Theatre artist, public speaker, the youngest doctor in her hospital and an award-winning sailor…this girl does not take no for an answer easily!   To know more about Rohini Rau and her success story, click here!