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Successful Story of Madhura Bachal - Glow & Lovely Careers

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Madhura is a YouTube Chef and a business woman. What makes Madhura's success story even more inspiring is the way she has handled challenges all her life and converted each challenge into a successful opportunity.

There were a lot of difficulties that Madhura faced – financial problems at a young age, struggle to establish herself in the corporate field, then giving it all up to look after her home and so on…

But rather than be defeated by any of these struggles, Madhura used them as steps towards her success.

Every challenge for her was one more step towards success.

Smart time management at an early age

Madhura had a tough childhood. Making ends meet was a problem. Money was a problem. But rather than be defeated by this challenge, Madhura faced it head-on.  She enrolled for a morning college. She had the rest of the day free, and she took up a 9 to 6 job.

To make extra money, she used to spend her evenings taking up freelance opportunities for Mehendi and rangoli designing.


Taking part-time assignments, freelancing and taking up small-time projects is a good idea to make money with one is still studying. There are a lot of full-time or part-time jobs available for women today.  Internships and part-time jobs not only help you make money but also help you gain experience. This experience is usually an added advantage while looking for a new job!

Motherhood, Career change and YouTube!

Madhura worked hard. Soon she was financially stable, had a good job and was climbing the corporate ladder. Soon Madhura got married. Her husband got an opportunity abroad, and she shifted to the US with him. Soon Madhura had a baby.

As a mother, Madhura wanted to take care of the baby. So, she resigned from her job. However, while the mother in her wanted to be near her child, the girl in her also wanted a career – One that allowed her to be a full-time mother and still work, give an outlet to her creativity, earn money and have her own identity.

That's when Madhura decided to her combine her love for cooking with having her own channel on YouTube.

Combining interests and making smart use of the internet                                                                          

Madhura realized that there were very few authentic recipes of her region, Maharashtra, on the internet. Being a Maharashtrian herself, authentic Marathi recipes was Madhura's strength.

That's how Madhura started her own YouTube channel – MadhurasRecipe. Soon the channel became popular, and so did Madhura.

Achieving success

Initially, Madhura had a million subscribers, and the channel was available in one language. Soon Madhura's popularity increased, and from one million subscribers, it increased to 4 million.

Today, Madhura's recipe has more than 7 million followers and is available in 3 languages – Marathi, Hindi and English.

After having a successful YouTube channel with so many followers, Madhura launched her own line of packaged masalas.

Today, Madhura is a successful home chef on YouTube and a successful businesswoman too!

Madhura's story is an inspiration to young girls and women alike!

There are so many things to learn from Madhura's story…

There is no age limit for success: Madhura started her channel after a baby and with no formal education in cooking. Yet, that did not stop her from being successful!

One does not require a lot of money to start a business: To be a home chef on YouTube, all you require is a home kitchen and a smart phone to shoot your video.

Interests and involvement matters! Everything else can be learnt:  YouTube was fairly new for Madhura when she decided to start her own channel. However, as she started using the platform more, she got more comfortable with it.

Madhura used the internet and digital media smartly. Digital marketing is an interesting career option for women if you are looking at flexible timings and work from home options.

If you wish to know more about how you can make a career in digital marketing, click here!

Today there are many free online courses available for women to help them learn.  You can choose any subject, and you will find a free online course on it. From learning the basics to more advanced courses, everything is available on the internet. There is merit in using these free online courses to the best of your advantage!