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Take RBI Online Mock Tests: Ensure a banking career with the RBI

RBI mock test online

If you are someone who is inclined towards finance and banking, then working with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) would be a dream job for you. The RBI is the central banking institution of India. It is the apex monetary authority in India and its activities include regulating other banks in the country, providing important financial services like control of inflation, storing of foreign exchange reserves and more.

For every individual interested in the banking and finance industry, a job at the RBI would definitely be a dream come true. You would be given the opportunity to work with the central banking organization of the country, which manages all other banks. This gives you immense exposure and will prove to be a great learning platform. The decisions you make based on your role in the RBI, will have tremendous impact and hence, you will have a very respectable position in the society. However, to be able to attain this dream job, you are required to pass the RBI exams conducted every year with a good score. In order to pass these exams, a considerable amount of practice is necessary. This can be attained by practicing a good number of RBI mock tests online as this will help you get an understanding of where you stand and how much more you need to prepare. The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) has composed a set of very significant questions under its RBI Mock test series in order to prepare you for the RBI Assistant, Grade ‘B’ and Office Attendant exams.

Take free RBI mock tests on the Glow & Lovely Careers website to perform better

On the Glow & Lovely Careers website, you will be able to find mock tests for the RBI Grade B officer, RBI Assistant and the RBI Office Attendant positions. Each online test consists of 200 important questions prepared by a team of subject experts. Make sure you practice these free RBI online tests and learn from the mistakes you made.

The RBI exams primarily comprise of questions from the following subjects:

1.   General Awareness

2.   Maths

3.   English

4.   Reasoning

What do the jobs of an RBI Assistant, Grade B Officer & Office Attendant entail?

Before you apply for a job at this prestigious institution, it’s important that you understand what the job profiles of the people who handle these posts are.

Job profile of RBI Grade B officer

The following are the responsibilities of an RBI Grade B Officer:

1.   They need to work towards keeping the inflation under check. Broadly speaking, they need to work to ensure financial stability if the nation.

2.   They need to maintain various state and central government accounts.

3.   They are responsible for the circulation of currency to the various nationalized banks that come under the ambit of the RBI.

Job profile of RBI Assistant

RBI Assistants are the fundamental blocks of the functioning of RBI. Their works include:

1.   Banking document verification

2.   Data Entry

3.   Report generation

4.   Circulation of currency issued, and more

Job profile of RBI Office Attendant

The job of an office attendant at RBI primarily involves supporting other officers in their day-to-day duties. Some of their duties include:

1.   Opening up offices

2.   Making sure that all officers have everything they need at their desks

3.   Keeping all files and folders in an organized manner

4.   Passing on official documents between departments, and more

As can be understood from the aforementioned details, the work you will get to do at the Reserve Bank of India is quite interesting if you like the industry. To ensure an entry into this esteemed institution, you need to practice all of the RBI mock tests that are available to you via Glow & Lovely Careers to be at your best  before you appear for the exam.