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These Inspirational Stories from the Glow & Lovely Career Will Motivate You to Create Your Own Path

how to apply for a scholarship

When we think of success, it means different things for all of us. For some, it is fighting against the odds to complete college graduation, for some, it is becoming the first woman in the family to get a job. For others, it may be to qualify and attain a scholarship that will help further their dreams. In a country like ours, a growing number of women are looking to work and are making their own success stories in the process.

Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) scholarships have enabled several women to pursue their education and move a step closer to their dream of having a career. There may be a number of reasons why someone might be in need of a scholarship. We have as an example, the case of Arshia, who was a B Tech student, to see how scholarships help students. Arshia was in the first year of her graduation when her father passed away in an accident. To support the family, her mother began running a small shop. As the oldest in her family, Arshia knew she needed to complete her graduation and find a job to support her family. She applied and received a scholarship from Glow & Lovely Careers, which covered the cost of an entire year of her education. This significantly eased her financial burden and enabled her to focus on her studies, thus setting her up well for the future.

Another amazing story is that of Swati Bhura. She is from Kolkata and when she was quite young, she lost her mother. To help support her education and her family, she began taking tuitions while she was still finishing school. Her goal was to complete her education and become a Chartered Accountant. She was looking for scholarships for women and found out about our scholarship program through a newspaper advertisement. She won a scholarship and was not only able to successfully complete her CA course, she has also worked with some of the most prestigious companies including, Deloitte and Coca Cola since becoming a CA.

Sometimes, we may not be able to understand how to apply for a scholarship. Take the example of Vijaya from Seondha. Vijaya was already an Electronics engineer but wanted to become an Indian Public Services officer. She even quit her job to prepare but as luck would have it, she could not clear the preliminary that was held in 2017. A good friend of hers informed of the opportunity to apply for a scholarship by Glow & Lovely Careers. When Vijaya applied and was selected for the scholarship, it gave her the chance to focus completely on her IPS preparation, freeing her of the stress and financial burden.

To follow your passion and become a successful woman, you may need help which might not be easily available at times. These women showed us the power of persistence and also finding the right help. If you too feel like you need some financial aid in order to pursue your education or prepare for an exam, you should certainly try to apply for a scholarship with the Glow & Lovely Careers .