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Tips to dress appropriately to work

Tips to dress appropriately to work

Your workplace is where dressing appropriately is most important as you can get easily judged by the way you dress. It might even translate into your performance. Hence, no matter how passionate you are about your work, some focus should certainly be given to your appearance as well. Here are some tips to dress appropriately to work:


1.Understand what your industry allows


Every industry will have a different kind of dress code. For example, a school will demand teachers to wear a saree, Indian salwar kameez or outfits like that. Similarly, if you are working as cabin crew in the airlines, then you dress code would be something else. Hence, understand what your industry demands and stay aligned with the instructions. 


2. Wear properly fitting clothes


Although this might sound obvious, the fit of your clothes affects a lot of things including your confidence, your colleague’s impression about you and more. If your clothes are too tight they will seem uncomfortable and make it difficult for you to work. Similarly, loose-fitting clothes make you look messy and careless.


3. Wear clean clothes


You need to wear neat and clean, pressed outfits to work. Wearing dirty clothes creates a very bad impression about you among your colleagues and this might even influence the way people look at you. So, no matter what you are wearing, maintain cleanliness. You can go through an online course on social etiquette before joining a company to have a better understanding on how to present yourself best at work. 

Tips to dress appropriately to work


4. Avoid loud colours and offensive text or graphics


Colours that are too flashy can be distracting and unfit for a professional environment. Make sure to wear colours that are classy. Similarly, we might have a lot of clothes with text or graphics on it that might make other people uncomfortable. So, it is best to avoid them at the workplace.

Tips to dress appropriately to work


5. Avoid over-accessorizing

Accessories should only complement your outfit. So, wear minimal accessories and ensure that they do not make noise, such as dangly bangles, so that you co-workers are not distracted by them


6. Wear appropriate shoes

 The shoes you choose to wear must be most comfortable for you and should also go with the setting you work in. If you are an engineer and work in a construction field, then safety boots are what you must be wearing. If you are a corporate employee, then you can choose to wear heels to office.


7.  Wear a classy watch

 The best way to accessorize your formal office outfit is to wear a classy watch. Make sure you don’t wear a sporty watch or anything that is too fancy.


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