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Top 3 English Courses to Boost your Career

English online courses for women

With the increase in awareness and need for strong soft skills, aspiring women are shifting focus to enrolling for online courses in English to boost their resume. Most schools and coaching centers focus on Academic English which is very different from Everyday English or Business English. To bridge this gap, many online courses in India have now started to focus on Spoken English by including courses for Grammar, Pronunciation and even offer English classes for various industries such as Beauty, Retail, Healthcare etc.

There are several online certification courses in English which are changing the lives of aspirants looking to strengthen their skills. However, choosing the right course can be  confusing. Given below are some quick tips to keep in mind while choosing the right English online course:

  1. Choose a course based on your time availability – Some courses are short courses while some require a longer time commitment.  It helps greatly to decide how much time you have to do a course and then create a schedule around one’s daily life. We strongly recommend setting aside at least 1 hour per day when taking a course.
  2. Choose a course based on skill level and need- Courses differ depending on your life-stage. For example, College based online courses in English would be different from a working class style course. Some courses are described as basic and others as intermediate or expert courses. To get comfortable with the format, we suggest you start with basic courses and then try the more challenging ones.
  3. Choose a course based on the teaching approach- Many online courses also have the choice of opting for an Instructor-led course or a self-study/ self-paced one. This helps aspirants select a course based on the amount of assistance they require during the course.

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Listed below are three of the most popular online certification courses in English that aspirants are opting for over regular courses-

  1. English for Media and Entertainment – This course covers all important terminologies along with integral topics related to the Media and Entertainment Industry. The objective is make the learner fully equipped with the vocabulary used.
  2. English for Organized Retail – This is one of the most popular online courses giving a broader view of the retail industry as a whole along with the important terminologies used.  Learn more
  3. Let’s Talk in English (Hindi) – This course attracts a large number of enrollments. It eases the process of learning English using the medium of Hindi.