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Top Career Options For Women In India

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In India, there are plenty of career options available for women. These can help you to become financially independent, and there's so many different exciting industries to work in.

Some jobs are flexible. This means you can choose when to start and end work. Other jobs allow you to work half-day. You can even find exciting work from home opportunities which is a good opportunity for students and stay-at-home mothers.

Nowadays, there are also exciting internships available too. These can be very beneficial for women who are returning to work after a pregnancy break. Internships are an attractive option if you want to explore an industry and get knowledge about working in it.

Times Have Changed For Working Women

Today there are so many different industries that women can explore. Career-driven women are now working in fields like finance, technology, and even science. These were fields that were previously dominated by men.

There are no longer jobs meant for females or males; that's a thought that is slowly disappearing in society. Depending on the field you're passionate about, there are creative and non-traditional job opportunities available online.

If you are looking to start work and want to know about the kind of career options that women pursue, here are your top options:

The 8 Best Career Options For Women In India

  1. Marketing Jobs

In the past, many people believed that women can't do marketing jobs. But now things are changing. Many women are exploring the field of marketing and like the job role.

A Marketing job involves creating campaigns and strategies. These have to reach the target group to ensure that it knows about the brand/product and has a positive opinion about it.

Women with strong communication skills succeed pretty well at a marketing job. You also get to interact with others and learn a lot in marketing.

If you feel unprepared for joining the marketing field, you can find free online courses. They can train you to be ready for a marketing career.

There are also women-centric programmes like Project Ahilya that help women to make a career in sales and marketing.

  1. Online Tutoring

Teaching online is becoming a very popular career choice for many women. If you want to work part-time or from home, teaching kids online for a few hours is a great option.

As an online tutor, you get to teach any subject that you enjoy.

You can also teach hobbies like dance or singing to small kids on some online teaching websites.

If you wish to become an online tutor, it's also a good idea to take a few free online training courses in education to do better when on the job.

There are also programmes like WONK that are helping women take up part-time online tutoring jobs from home. Do check it out if you love teaching and are looking for an online teaching opportunity.

  1. Beauty Jobs

Do you watch lots of beauty videos on YouTube? That could mean you have a strong liking for jobs linked to the beauty industry.

Beauty jobs are no longer just about doing work in a salon. There are new roles emerging in the industry. Some of them are beauty therapists, beauty advisors, and nail technicians.

Free online beauty courses are a great way to get answers about what's new and trending in the beauty industry. However, only online courses won't help you get a beauty job. You'll need proper training and experience for this.

If you're interested in exploring the beauty industry, check out beauty jobs available on Glow & Lovely Careers.

  1. Digital Marketing Jobs

Many companies are growing their business online instead of just staying offline. This has led to a rise in roles related to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is about helping companies put up their products and services online and connect to millions of customers on the Internet.

Creative and tech-savvy women enjoy the industry because it's a non-traditional job that has a variety of roles. Some of the top roles in digital marketing are content writers, digital account managers, market analysts and social media managers.

Digital Marketing Internships are the best way to understand the work done in these job roles and get prepared for entering this industry.

  1. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is another career option that is great for the creative side of your personality.

It's a very exciting job because you get to see your creative designs used on websites or advertisements in a magazine or on platforms like Instagram.

But for this job role, you'll have to learn how to make these designs on software. If you practice and learn how to use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Canva, you'll most certainly understand how it works.

But don't worry, you can learn how to design by taking online training courses on design and also watching videos on the Internet.


If you are searching for job opportunities in any of the new and upcoming fields that women work in, you can consider joining the Glow & Lovely Careers Community. This is a platform exclusively to help women get one step closer to their dream careers!


  1. Bank Relationship Manager

If you enjoy the finance field more, you can explore the role of a Bank Relationship Manager. This bank role is about providing customers with financial advice regarding their investments.

The Bank Relationship Manager works closely with the sales department of the bank and the customers too.

In this role, having good communication skills is important because the role requires answering customer queries of offers and schemes for their investments.

If you've always wanted to work for a bank, this is a new emerging unconventional role. It can be a good job to consider instead of desk jobs that may become uninteresting after a while.

  1. Nutritionist

Nutritionists help people improve their health by eating right. They help their patients maintain a well-balanced and nutritious diet so that they don't fall ill often.

For example, if a person has diabetes, nutritionists can help them create a diet plan to prevent their sugar levels from increasing. It's an industry that focuses on learning the science behind the food we eat.

This is an interesting career option in the health-related field that you can consider if you enjoy the subject of nutrition and health.

  1. Overseas Education Consultant

Many students go abroad for their further education. There are many consulting companies in India that help these students with the process of applying for college outside of India.

In such companies, they require consultants who can speak to students and understand how to help them.

If you want to enter the work line of education but not exactly teach in a classroom, this is a great non-traditional job role to consider.

For this role, being able to speak and write English fluently is very important as it requires making calls and writing emails to students and colleges.


These career options allow you to be financially independent and be a working woman doing what she loves. If you're not sure about which career path to follow, taking a psychometric career test is a good idea as you'll get 4-5 best career options that suit your personality.


What Are The Highest Paying Job Roles For Women?

Few of the high-paying career options for women are -

  • Physiotherapists
  • Software Developers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Research Analysts

What Are Some Easy Jobs For Women?

Few of the jobs that are slightly easier for women are -

  • Babysitter
  • Flight Attendant
  • Receptionist
  • Voice Actor
  • Online Tutor

Sales Representative