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Top Jobs you can get with Online Certifications

Online Certifications to land you a job

Companies today are constantly hunting for dynamic talent with a willingness to learn new skills because of massive changes taking place all around. In such a scenario, candidates with diverse skills listed in their resume are getting more preference. A good online course is an excellent enabler of a variety of skills for any aspirant looking for jobs after acquiring an online certification.

Pursuing and successfully completing an online course is convenient for women who are full-time students, working in full-time jobs or don’t have the luxury of time. Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) works towards providing some of the most relevant and sought after online certifications to enable ambitious women to get the job of their dreams.

We’ve put together a list of most sought after job opportunities you can have post an online course:

  1. Marketing Specialist

Whether you’re working in retail or you’re a beginner in the field of marketing, Glow & Lovely Careers offers specialized online courses in Marketing and Sales to guide you to getting the right skills suited for a variety of marketing roles. Looking for a career in Marketing? Enrol below:

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  1. English Translator- Tourism & Travel


Learn English online
Become an English Translator or English Teacher

This job is perfect for people who love to travel and meet new people. Many companies look for talent who are multilingual for interesting touring job opportunities. From  helping you become an English Translator to English Teacher,  Glow & Lovely Careers offers a variety of online courses that help you learn  English for a range of industries. Can’t wait to travel and explore? Keen to help others with their language skills? Read more:

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  1. Creative Media Professional
Learn media courses online
Become a Creative Media Professional

This job is best suited for women who are looking to spread their creative wings across untapped and upcoming industries like electronics design or even animation and graphics. Glow & Lovely Careers takes pride in offering a plethora of online courses to creative aspirants in the fields of design automation, animation and graphic design. Explore your course options below:

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