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Understand How You Can Use Your Chance to Work From Home With SHEROES MARS

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The ongoing pandemic has changed the way we work. Employers in India have finally realized that work from home can be effectively managed. Consequently, there are more opportunities for work from home.

Work that can be managed from a remote location without needing to visit the office is classified under Work From Home. Such jobs are perfect for homemakers and young college students. More often than not, work from home opportunities for women includes roles in inside sales, customer care, content writing, picture tagging, document verification, etc.

There is also full-time work from home jobs for women. But, please note that in such cases your employer will expect you to be available for the scheduled 8 hours, just like a traditional office. Part-time work-from-home might offer you a little flexibility. However, you will be expected to meet your deadlines.

Work from home indeed lets you strike a healthy balance between job satisfaction and family responsibilities. But, it does not mean that you can take it easy. For example, if you are a freelance content writer, you will have to ensure that every piece of copy written by you meets your client’s expectations. It is the only way to get more work and keep a steady flow of income. Remember, building trust with your employer is crucial in a work from home scenario. One satisfied client can fetch you more work and help build credibility in the job market.

Now, if you are wondering how to get started and where will you find a listing of the online jobs at home for women, register on the Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly called the Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) Website. Our Work From Home page will direct you to the Sheroes Page.

Sheroes is a unique community that aims to empower women across India. It is a safe place where women can share and find support in all aspects of their lives. The platform also provides women with an opportunity to gain financial independence. For this purpose, they have designed a program called MARS. It stands for Managed Remote Solutions.

MARS is a leading work platform designed especially to evaluate the work from home candidates. MARS has a directory of work from home jobs for women. It basically matches skilled personnel with needy employers. But, to get matched you need to get the MARS certificate. 

Potential candidates are certified based on their qualifications, skill set, and infrastructure readiness. A certificate from MARS lets the employers know that you have been thoroughly vetted and worth their interest. MARS provides you with work from home opportunities in the field of your choice.