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Upgrade Your MS Word Skills Using this Free Online Course

how to learn MS word

Microsoft Word is the most used word processor. You will find it in the majority of offices and personal computers. Having a good knowledge of using Microsoft Word will make you stand out during job interviews.

Wondering how to learn MS Word? The Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation) has a free online course, Office Productivity Tools: MSO Word 2010. You can think of it as a Microsoft Word Tutorial for beginners. The course will help you learn the basics like creating and editing word files, adding images and tables in your Word documents, printing your files, etc.

Being fluent with Microsoft Word has many benefits. It is one of the most used software. From school students to office goers, you’ll find that everyone needs to use Microsoft Word for one thing or the other. 

Typing on a Word file is easy and convenient. All the options to format and save your file are at the top of the document on a blue panel. Every function on the panel is explained visually. You have to take your mouse cursor on an icon to see what it does. To use the function, you have to click on that icon.

You can correct your mistakes in seconds using the delete button. You can format your text; place it in the centre or the margins of the page with a single click. There is also a spelling and grammar check, which points out any typing or grammar mistakes. If your document contains bullets and numbers, Word puts the bullets on its own.

 And how can we forget the Thesaurus feature? In written presentations and assignments, word choice matters a lot. Microsoft Word’s Thesaurus will help you choose the right words to communicate your ideas. Sometimes, it’s not just about what you are saying, but also how you are saying it. Using the right words is one of the crucial tips for improving your presentation skills.

However, a good presentation needs more than blocks of text. Whenever possible, you must explain your points using images and graphs. You can insert pictures and draw diagrams in your word document with the click of a button. There’s also an option to format your page layout to make it look more appealing and easier to read.

The Microsoft Word allows you to add colors and play with font sizes. Use this to highlight the more important points of your presentation. You can also use a separate color for headers in your document or add borders and Clip Art. It will break the monotonous look of your Word presentation and make it more readable.     

That’s not all. The Microsoft Word offers template designs that can be used to create a huge number of documents like a Calendar or Greeting Card. You can save your file in a variety of formats including a web page. 

Integrating Word File with other Microsoft Office Programs is easy. For example, if you want to include a table from an Excel Sheet in your Word Document, you can do so using the Paste option. You do not have to convert the document or file. This saves a lot of time in the long run.

If you are still unsure about enrolling for such a course, please understand that in this day and age, having a proper understanding and use of tools like Microsoft Word is an absolute must for any individual. The use of knowledge of these skills extends beyond the workplace and can come in handy at your home too. So take the jump and get learning!