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Using Online Tests and English Courses Helped Garima Gupta Boost Her Confidence for Banking Exams

online tests for banking

What happens when an ambitious young woman is matched with an equally ambitious and empowering platform? You get a woman who can fully realize her potential. Garima Gupta is an excellent example of this very combination. Garima is a B.Com student from Mandi Dabwali, Haryana, and her story is one that might be relatable and motivating to a lot of young women from smaller towns of the country.

When you ask what is the biggest problem for women from smaller towns when it comes to figuring out career opportunities and choices, a lot of them would agree with what Garima has to say. “Lack of resources and guidance have been the biggest challenges I have had to deal with, along with some transportation issues.” A lot of women do not even entertain the idea of working because of transportation issues. It is a very real and common problem. But with the age of the internet firmly upon us, we do have a few resources that can remedy such situations.

Garima may be young but she is resourceful, aware, and ambitious. She did not want any hurdle to come between her and her ambitions. “That is why I was looking for an online portal that would help me through my Bank PO exam preparation while avoiding the need to travel.” Garima did her research and came across Glow & Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair & Lovely Career Foundation). Here she was able to access free online mock tests that would help her in her exam preparations. Says Garima, “Through the mock tests available on Glow and Lovely Careers (formerly known as Fair and Lovely Career Foundation), I could solve diverse questions and with the help of the online English courses, I am now confident about my interview preparation.” Garima was looking to improve and polish her English for bank exams as she saw this as an important part of her preparation.

Once she found the platform that would help her with online tests for banking, there was no looking back. Garima has put in a lot of hard work and preparation, utilizing the free online tests for bank exams to prepare thoroughly and give herself the best possible chance for success. “Online portal helped me through my pre and post-exam preparation.”

If you too want to create opportunities for yourself but feel limited because the place you live in does not allow for easy travel, you should consider utilizing online platforms like Glow and Careers to maximize your potential. Such a platform helps you prepare for the exams that will allow you to pursue a career that is suitable for you. Free online courses such as English for bank exams can help you not only prepare for exams but also boost your confidence in yourself and your ability. You can use your preparation in English to further help you in mock tests in the bank exam series which is also available on Glow and Lovely Careers. If you want to read about more inspirational stories like Garima’s, head to the Glow and Lovely Careers website for more motivation.