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What are Best Jobs for Women in Healthcare?

Women in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the many industries that has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. On account of changing lifestyles of people and growing awareness about health care, this industry is seeing considerable growth and is also creating a lot of job opportunities. There are multiple job options that suit women's needs and aspirations within healthcare. Here are a few jobs in the healthcare industry that women would be interested in:

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Registered Nurse

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry. For this reason, there is a huge demand for competent, qualified, and compassionate professionals to step into the nursing world. The duties of a nurse include providing direct patient care, assessing a patient's condition, recording patient’s medical data, administering treatments and medication as prescribed by a physician, performing diagnostic tests and educating patients and their families on follow-up care. Women have a natural instinct to take care of others. Hence, nursing jobs tend to be dominated by women and hpsitals, clinics and nursing homes have a positive attitude towards hiring women for nursing roles.



On account of the diverse skills that women possess - technical and soft skills -  the job of a physician or doctor - general or specialized- would suit them very well. Some physicians, especially those who specialise in obstetrics or emergency care, may have to work long hours and may also be called to work at odd hours in the night. However, these are minor issues compared to the benefits of being a physician which include high job satisfaction, good remuneration, scope for self-employment, multiple opportunities for learning and professional growth. In terms of suceeding in the role, women are equally competent in terms of technical skills and they tend to be better than men at listening to patients, demonstrating empathy and concern and communicating with patients and their families.  


Pharmaceutical Sales or Medicial Representative

You must have come across a lot of men doing this job, but very few women. However, what most women don't realize is that many jobs in pharmaceutical sales provide excellent benefits and a great degree of flexibility in schedules. Some medical representative roles also allow employees to work part-time.These jobs allow women a chance to explore the highly remunerative world of pharmaceutical or drug sales which offers very compensation packages and good sales incentives. Many women are natural networkers and to succeed in this role they will get a chance to use their networking skills to meet, communicate with and cultivate a network of medical professionals.


Work-from-Home Medical Jobs

Today, technology has developed to allow women to take up work-from-home medical jobs that allow them to earn as well as take care of family. This is  especially beneficial for new mothers. Within healthcare, jobs that require a lot of computer and phone work lend themselves to working from home. Some of these include -  medical transcription, medical (technical) writing, and healthcare recruiting.



These days, almost half the number of students in dental colleges are women. Women consider this to be a suitable job as it it does not demand working at odd hours of the day and the qualification allows them to set up independent clinics close to home with very little investment. Dental medicine or Orthodontics is also a growing field thanks to increasing awareness about the importance of oral health. WIthin dentistry, there are further specializations such as pediatric (kids) dentistry that a lot of women opt for and have a natural advantage in providing.


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