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Why are internships important? Trishti Pariwal shares her story

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Meet Trishti. This girl from Faridabad wants to pursue a career in Public Health Sector. She wants to get a government job in the public health sector.

Pandemic made things tough for her.  Everything was online. She missed practical exposure. This is where she found her online internship to be useful!

Internships are a great way to learn on the job. They allow students to experience how the actual process of working is. It is the first step that helps you turn from a student into a working professional.

Due to the Pandemic, Trishti felt her studies were getting affected. While there were online classes, understanding everything through an online mode had become difficult.

Online classes were not helpful when it came to practical exposure. For Trishti, practical exposure was important as she thought it is a must in Public Health learning.

Trishti was worried that there could be fewer job opportunities for her in the Government health sector.

This is where an internship helped Trishti. She applied for an online internship via the Glow and Lovely Career's internship portal and secured a 4-month Internship with Anyboli labs private limited.

Not only did Trishti gain experience but she was also able to support in family financially during the Pandemic.

She says, “Through work from home internships from Internshala via Glow and Lovely Careers portal, I was able to invest my time productively.

It helped me gain experience, which will give me an edge over others who are as well aspiring for Government jobs.

Also, in such hard times when everyone is aiming for financial stability, I was also able to support my family financially!”

There are many benefits of applying for internships

  • Exposure to the real world:  As a student, your world is limited to the classroom, friends and textbooks. As an intern, you get exposure to the real world. It is your first real job, in a real company. As an intern, you can work in different departments. This helps you to understand how does a company functions.

If your work is really good and the company where you intern may also end up offering you a job once you finish your studies!

  • Identify the jobs you like and those you don’t: You get to see and experience the different job roles that may be available for you when you decide to take up a full-time job.
  • You can try different sectors and get exposure: Internships allow you to take up many short-term assignments with different types of companies. Since you are a student, nobody judges you if you make mistakes or if you do not find a job role interesting. Internships are a safe way to explore all your different interests and decide which career or job do you wish to pursue full time.

Earn and Learn at the same time! Most of the internships that companies offer are paid ones. So, you get to learn the job and also make some pocket money!